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Art No. 006
Description Stool
L28.5cm x W19cmm x H15cm
Material PP Copo
Weight 0.450kg
Colour Red, Blue
Container Loading est 4,980 pcs
Art No. 007
Description Stool
L30.0cm x W30.0cm x H44.0cm
Material PP Copo
Weight 1.40kg
Colour Red, Black, Grey, Brown, Beige, Blue, M-Green,   M-Beige
Container Loading est 1530 pcs
Introducing UNICA's line of furniture, The   OSAKA side chair and Tokyo Arm Chair.

Two classical and comfortable design chairs to suit your every need.

  • Sturdy & Egornomic Design
  • Lightweight, easy to clean
  • Space saving when rested (90 degrees ), see right.
  • Low risk from toppling
  • High back with contour seating
  • Produceable for outdoor use ( with MOQ)


Art No. 008
Description Osaka Side Chair
L50.5cm x W43.0cm x H82.0cm
Material PP Copo
Weight 2.66kg
Colour Red, Blue, Yellow, White
Container Loading est 1,500 pcs
Art No. 009
Description Tokyo Arm Chair
L57.5cm x W54.5cm x H78.0cm
Material PP Copo
Weight 3.15kg
Colour White, Blue
Container Loading est 960 pcs
Art No. 010
Description Kobe Side Chair
L52.5cm x W47.6cm x H85.8cm
Material PP Copo
Weight 2.55kg
Colour Red, Brown, Blue
Container Loading Est 1,500Pcs/ 20FT